Beyond Basics HACCP Plan Improvement Workshop held on November 6-7, 2013

Kerri Gehring teaching Beyond Basics

Kerri Gehring teaching Beyond Basics

The Beyond Basics: HACCP Plan Improvement Workshop was held on November 6-7, 2013 in the Kleberg Animal and Food Science Center at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. Participants from the United States and Canada brought their HACCP plans, other food safety documents, and plenty of questions to the workshop. The workshop was led by Kerri Harris, Ashley Arnold, and Jeff Savell, faculty members in the Department of Animal Science.

Participants at the workshop evaluated their process flow charts, hazard analyses, critical control points, critical limits, monitoring and verification procedures and frequencies, corrective actions, records, and validation guidelines. Special emphasis was placed on evaluating supporting documentation and decision-making documents so that the participants would better meet regulatory requirements.

This workshop is limited in the number of participants who can attend so that special attention and hands-on assistance can be given by the instructors. The 2014 workshops have been scheduled and can be found at Beyond Basics: HACCP Plan Improvement Workshop.



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  1. Dr. Yemi Ogunrinola says:

    I was one of the participants at this elite HACCP training/workshop; and I will recommend it highly to anyone that is considering a high level approach of bringing “sense and relevance” to his or her company’s written programs. The 2-days training is fully hands-on. It allows you to develop and polish your program in ways to be meaningful to the letters of the food safety regulations. The trio-team of Drs. Harris, Savell, and Arnold compliment each other very well. Interactions amongst the participants were enhanced and you get the feeling of stronger bonds and working cooperatively tackling issues facing our industry. Great job and great learning institution.

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