ANSC 437 marketing class enriched with guest lecturers

Rachel Cutrer, Ranch House Designs

Rachel Cutrer, Ranch House Designs

I began teaching ANSC 437, “Marketing and Grading in Livestock and Meat,” in the fall of 2002. When I volunteered to teach this class, I knew that I would need subject-matter assistance from many people to make it a success. Both the students and I have been blessed by having so many talented people guest lecture each semester.

Rachel Cutrer from Ranch House Designs, presents a lecture on purebred and commercial livestock marketing. Each semester, Rachel gives the current marketing trends related to how best to match buyers and sellers including what is going on with traditional and social media. In the years since she has given this lecture, social media has come of age, and her company’s attention to this new way of communicating to consumers has been a great asset to her customers.

Jason Cleere, associate professor and extension beef cattle specialist, lectures on the size and scope of the beef cattle industry and on feeder and slaughter cattle grades. In addition, he helps with the VAC-45 (value-added calf) demonstration at the Beef Cattle Center, and often leads the students on the tour of the Brazos Valley Livestock Commission. Dan Hale, professor and extension meat specialist, lectures on animal welfare and its role in livestock marketing, helps with the VAC-45 demonstration at the Beef Cattle Center, and often leads the students on the tour of the Brazos Valley Livestock Commission.

Shawn Ramsey, associate professor, gives a sheep and goat lecture to let students understand what is going on with live sheep and goat, meat, and wool and mohair marketing internationally, domestically, and locally.

Davey Griffin, professor and extension meat specialist, helps by assisting on the tour of the H-E-B store in College Station, lecturing on certified marketing claims, and on the beef cutout demonstration. Lisa Fritz, one of the culinary experts who works in the Cooking Connection at H-E-B College Station, has provided a great overview of the background and purpose of the Cooking Connection, and she always provides such great food for the students to sample when we finish the store tour.

Russell Woodward from the Texas Beef Council presents an overview of The Beef Checkoff and current efforts of the Texas Beef Council, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, and the Cattlemen’s Beef Board.

Bill Mies, visiting professor and former ANSC 437 instructor, lectures on where do prices come from, calculating break-even prices, and managing risk in livestock marketing. Several marketing specialists from the Texas Department of Agriculture have shared the agency’s Go Texan® program and other activities that help promote livestock, meat, and other agricultural products from Texas.

Over the years, there have been other guest lecturers who have contributed their knowledge and expertise to our students. For them and the one’s mentioned above, a great thanks for helping bring such great information and passion for what they do to the students of ANSC 437.




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