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This post highlights several of our current departmental graduate students including Meagan Igo who now works for the American Meat Science Association. JWS.

The Department of Animal Science offers a solid graduate program supported by a current curricula, faculty mentors who are well-known experts in their field of study, and the animal and facility resources needed to excel  in a successful research program. On average, more than 120 students are enrolled in graduate studies, seeking either a master’s or doctorate degree in animal breeding, animal science or physiology of reproduction. Several animal science faculty and their graduate students participate in interdisciplinary degree programs including biotechnology and genetics. In addition, students may pursue a certificate in meat science or a certificate in food safety to accompany their degree. Advanced study in these areas prepares students to pursue careers in academia, research, extension education, livestock and dairy production, and in industries involving feed technology, livestock products, development and application of biotechnology and livestock managements. On a regular basis, our graduate students are recognized at the university and national levels for their teaching and research achievements.

Meagan Igo

Master of Science, Animal Science and Graduate Certificate in Meat Science, 2013

Meagan Igo

Meagan Igo

Meagan Igo joined the American Meat Science Association as youth programs coordinator in July 2013. Primarily, she provides support for the current intercollegiate and 4-H meat judging programs and plans to enhance and expand education for future generations of meat scientists at the primary, secondary and university levels. Meagan graduated from Texas A&M with a master of science in animal science with a graduate certificate in meat science in December 2013 working under the direction of Dr. Jeff Savell.

You’ve been involved with the judging program for years including serving as coach for the Texas A&M Meat Judging Team. Explain how these experiences help you in your current job.

My judging and coaching of judging teams is what gave me my passion for working with students, and in particular the judging program. There is something special about working with students who want to be involved in a program and have a desire to be successful in an industry I care so much about. My coaching experience allowed me to have a deeper knowledge of my trade and to have a better understanding of the current judging program. Texas A&M and the meat science section gave me a great opportunity to pursue my dreams both coaching and with my career, as this was the job I told Dr. Davey Griffin and Dr. Jeff Savell I wanted when coming to College Station for my graduate program interviews. They encouraged me to pursue the opportunity when it became available.

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