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Student Profile — Meagan Igo | Department of Animal Science

This post highlights several of our current departmental graduate students including Meagan Igo who now works for the American Meat Science Association. JWS. The Department of Animal Science offers a solid graduate program supported by a current curricula, faculty mentors who are well-known experts in their field of study, and the animal and facility resources needed to excel  in a successful research program. On average, more than 120 students are enrolled in graduate studies, seeking either a master’s or doctorate degree in animal breeding, animal science or physiology… Read More →

Meat Science graduate students gain valuable experiences leading carcass cutting groups

Since the late 1980s, first with Beef 101, then in the 1990s with Beef 706, and then later on with Pork 101, Meat Science graduate students in the Department of Animal Science have gained valuable teaching experiences through their work as cutting instructors for these courses. In each of these programs, graduate students lead cutting groups for these programs showing participants how and where to cut beef and pork carcasses ensuring that  the quality of cutting is as good as it can be, and that appropriate safety measures… Read More →

Meagan Igo joining American Meat Science Association as Youth Programs Coordinator

This is the press release from the American Meat Science Association announcing that Meagan Igo will be joining the association mid-summer. AMSA is excited to announce Meagan Igo will be joining the AMSA team July 1st as the Youth Programs Coordinator. In her position, Igo will be serve as the primary staff support to the current Intercollegiate and 4-H meat judging programs and will accelerate progress in enhancing and expanding education for future generations of meat scientists, including primary, secondary and university levels. Meagan Igo is currently completing her… Read More →