ANSC 307 — Meats


ANSC 307 syllabus 2014A

ANSC 307 honors syllabus 2014A

Muscle anatomy

Beef Chuck Arm Steak

Beef Chuck Blade Steak

Beef Chuck 7-Bone Steak

Beef Rib Steak, Small End

Beef Loin Top Loin Steak

Beef Loin Porterhouse Steak

Beef Loin Sirloin Steak

Beef Round Steak

Beef and pork slaughter videos

The Glass Walls Project helps to consumers, media, and other interested groups a behind-the-scenes look at the process of converting live animals to food products. These videos are hosted by Dr. Temple Grandin, a noted expert in the field of animal handling and welfare, and they provide a great insight into the complete slaughter process.

Video TourĀ of Beef Plant Featuring Dr. Temple Grandin

Video Tour of Pork Plant Featuring Dr. Temple Grandin

ANSC 307 YouTube Channel

The ANSC 307 YouTube Channel was created to host videos of important to students. These videos provide great insights into various processes related to the meat industry.


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