Gill provides expertise on the use of bacteriophages in China

In November, Jason Gill visited the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences (JAAS), located in Nanjing, China. He was invited and hosted by Dr. Ran Wang, who leads a research group in the JAAS Institute of Food Safety focusing on the safety of animal-derived foods. Dr. Wang’s group has recently become interested in the use of bacteriophages – the viruses that infect bacteria – for the control and detection of pathogenic bacteria in food animal systems, and invited Dr. Gill to consult as an expert in this area. In particular, Dr. Gill delivered a lecture on mastitis in dairy cattle and the potential for the use of bacteriophages for mastitis control, and was also made available to members of the group for discussions of various aspects of bacteriophage biology and genomics. Potential collaborations between the two groups were discussed, including future visits to JAAS and the possibility of sending JAAS staff to the Texas A&M College Station campus for further training in bacteriophage research methods.

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