Meat Science Laboratory Manual by Jeff Savell & Gary Smith

Meat Science Laboratory ManualMeat Science Laboratory Manual

Jeffrey W. Savell and Gary C. Smith

8th edition, Jan.2009, 220 pages, $42.95

ISBN 978-0-89641-470-9

Meat Science is a complex field of study. The quality and composition of the final consumer meat product will be influenced by a variety of factors that happen before and after slaughter, and by the method(s) used to process and package the product. Knowledge of these factors and how they can be influenced is key to ensuring that meat continues to be a safe, high quality food product for the consumer.

The eighth edition of the Meat Science Laboratory Manual reflects the changes in science, technology and regulations that have taken place in the past several years and that influence teaching meat science. The exercises have been revised to incorporate the most updated practices and procedures. These exercises have been simplified and modernized to help students learn with greater ease the complicated and technical areas in meat processesing.

Use this manual as a workbook that provides many examples and step-wise procedures to follow in slaughter, fabrication, evaluation, processing, manufacturing and packaging. Foundations in meat inspection, anatomy, and quality control help the student better understand these procedures.

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