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Poultry 201 to be held at Texas A&M University, October 25-27, 2016

Our colleagues in poultry science are hosting Poultry 201, October 25-27, 2016 at Texas A&M University. Go to the Poultry 201 page <www.poultry101.com/poultry201.html> for details. Poultry 201 is an in-depth workshop that covers all aspects of marination and batter and breading systems for poultry products. Topics will include meat chemistry, functional ingredients used, marination methods, cooking methods and equipment use/maintenance. The organizers and administrators of Poultry 201 are Christine Alvarado, Texas A&M University, Casey Owens, University of Arkansas, and Shelly McKee, USAPEEC. Source: Poultry 201…Marination, batter and breading.