Beef 706

The National Beef Quality Audit identified and quantified the quality defects that result in compromised consumer confidence and reduced profitability potential for all beef-related industries. The quality defects that were identified in the National Beef Quality Audit impair beef’s competitiveness with other muscle foods and minimize cattle producers return on investment. Beef Quality Excellence in Texas encompasses an array of educational activities aimed at the consistent production of high quality beef products raised or fed in Texas.

The flagship educational activity for this effort is entitled Beef 706. Each session of Beef 706 involves approximately 30 key invited leaders from various segments of the beef industry. They learn about the importance of producing a more consistent and high quality beef product through a series of hands-on lessons presented by various meat science faculty, staff and graduate students. For example, the participants are divided into groups, allowed to select live cattle (through video) and then follow those cattle through grading and a hands-on cutting session which allows the participants a chance to experience first-hand the differences encountered in carcass composition. Their resulting information is then evaluated in terms of the value differences calculated between animals and how that translates back to value differences in the live animals that are not typically relayed to the producer under a traditional beef marketing scenario.

Beef 706 Sample Agenda
Day 1 7:45 am
  • Meet the bus at the hotel
  • Introduction and Purpose
  • Evaluation Beef Carcasses & Live Cattle
  • Review Video of the Market Finished Steers & Heifers
  • Beef Carcass Quality and Yield Grading
  • Review the Beef Harvest Procedure
  • Video Plant Tours: Sam Kane & Cargill/Plainview
  • Introduction to Meat Cutting


  • Suit Up Beef Fabrication & Fabricate the Forequarter
  • Fabricate the Hindquarter & Value Added Cuts
  • Managing Feeder Calves for Beef Cattle Quality

Adjourn (bus returns to the hotel)

Buses leave for dinner 6PM

Day 2 7:45AM

Meet the bus at the hotel

  • Genetic Selection Programs & Tools for Beef Cattle Quality
  • Factors that Impact Marbling
  • Evaluating Market Cattle Grid Buying & Branded Programs
  • Evaluating the Eating Appeal of the Beef Meat Products
  • Lunch Review – Market Value Finished Cattle to Boxed Beef

Program Adjourn (bus returns to the hotel ) 2 PM

Additional information

Contacts: Dan Hale, phone 979-587-9245; Jason Bagley, 512-335-2333

Texas Beef Council, Beef Quality – Events

Texas Beef Council, Beef 706 sign up


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