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National Beef Tenderness Survey – 2010 article published

The February 2013 issue of the Journal of Animal Science contains the National Beef Tenderness Survey – 2010 article. Here is the citation and link to the abstract: Guelker, M. R., A. N. Haneklaus, J. C. Brooks, C. C. Carr, R. J. Delmore, Jr., D. B. Griffin, D. S. Hale, K. B. Harris, G. G. Mafi, D. D. Johnson, C. L. Lorenzen, R. J. Maddock, J. N. Martin, R. K. Miller, C. R. Raines, D. L. VanOverbeke, L. L. Vedral, B. E. Wasser, and J. W. Savell. 2013…. Read More →