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Tour of Attilio-Fontana prosciutto plant, Montagnana, Italy

This fall, I have been a visiting scientist at the University of Padova in Padova, Italy working with Antonella Dalle Zotte. We got to visit the Attilio-Fontana prosciutto manufacturing plant in Montagnana, Italy along with her students from one of her classes. The plant is family owned and been in operation since 1919 and is part of the “Consorzio di Tutela del Prosciutto Veneto, Berico – Euganeo.” According to the website, “The Consortium of Veneto ham was set up in 1971 by the producers working in the Berican-Euganean zone,… Read More →

Country of Origin Labeling in Europe

I am in Italy at the moment, and while shopping at several “supermercati” or supermarkets, I observed how the European Union was handling its version of Country of Origin Labeling. Here are some labels I took photos of, and thanks to Google Translation, I was able to determine what everything means.   Label Translation Veal, age at slaughter: up to 8 months. Born in Ireland Raised in France Slaughtered in France Sectioned in Italy Here is another label: Label Translation Veal, age at slaughter: up to 8 months…. Read More →