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Ground beef from grass-fed and grain-fed cattle: Does it matter? « Department of Animal Science

This is an article by Dr. Stephen Smith prepared for the Department of Animal Science ANSC Monthly stating his thoughts about the healthfulness of grass- versus grain-fed beef. JWS By Stephen B. Smith, Ph.D. Regents Professor, Department of Animal Science The internet is awash in websites proclaiming the nutritional benefits of ground beef from grass-fed cattle. However, researchers in the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University have published the only two research studies that actually compared the effects of ground beef from grass-fed cattle and traditional,… Read More →

Brown color inside packages of ground beef

One of the frequent questions we have received from consumers over the years is this one: “Why is my package of ground beef red on the outside, but brown in the middle?” We have had this question and answer on the Meat Science web page for years and have received many notes from retailers who have thanked us for providing this response to a question they have received many times from skeptical consumers. In steaks and roasts packaged in overwrap film, the color of the outside of the… Read More →