Certificate in Meat Science

The Department of Animal Science offers a Certificate in Meat Science for students who wish to obtain specialization in this area. Students must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours by taking four required courses and selecting additional courses from the elective list to complete the minimum credit hour requirement.


  • ANSC 307 – Meats. 3 credits
  • DASC 326 – Food Bacteriology. 3 credits
  • ANSC 447 – Advanced Meat Science and Technology. 4 credits
  • ANSC 457 – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System. 3 credits


  • ANSC 317 – Meat Selection, Evaluation and Grading. 2 credits
  • ANSC 337 – Meat Merchandising. 2 credits
  • ANSC 407 – Meat Science and Technology. 3 credits
  • ANSC 437 – Marketing and Grading of Livestock and Meats. 3 credits
  • ANSC 467 – Processed Meat Food Operations. 3 credits
  • ANSC 485 – Directed Studies. 1 to 4 credits
  • DASC 327 – Food Bacteriology Lab. 1 credit

Note: Students who have taken ANSC 489 Special Topics in Advanced Meat Technology will be credited with ANSC 447 Advanced Meat Science and Technology. Those who have taken ANSC 489 Special Topics in Meat Merchandising will be credited with ANSC 337 Meat Merchandising.

For additional information about this program, please contact Jeff W. Savell, Room 348 Kleberg Center, 979-845-3935, E-mail: j-savell@tamu.edu.

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  1. Jeff Savell says:

    At present, the certificate is only available for currently enrolled students, and all of the courses are only taught on campus at this moment. Thanks for inquiring about this program.

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